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Package - 3500

PV : 0.5

Package - 6000

PV : 1


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Matching Income

It is compulsory to sponsor 1 direct on both the sides of same joining amount to receive matching bonus and capping in accordance with the joining amount

Upgradation of ID can be done with full joining amount and joining kit will be delivered of the same amount.

Every 0.5 matched point will give you a matching income of 500 INR and 1 matched point with 1000 INR.

Ratio of 1:2 or 2:1 will be applicable for the first pair; thereafter, 1:1 will be considered. Tail will always carry forward.

Capping of 5 pairs will be applicable on a daily basis.


You get 100% income of matching income of all your directly sponsored associates.

Example, if you have sponsored only one associate and if he is daily earning 5000 INR matching bonus then you are supposed to get 100% of that income that is 5000 INR daily.

On sponsoring 10 associates on their matching bonus capping, you can earn 50,000 income daily.


Monthly BONANZA from time to time will be declared by the company. Visit popup section on homepage for the same.

Repurchase Income

Retail Profit



Retail Profit

10% flat of the MRP will be given on every product as RETAIL INCOME.


Each product has been given fixed BV. Maximum products of 1000 MRP have been allotted 10 BV.

Every single matched BV will be given matching bonus of Rs. 10 which means you can get a matching bonus of Rs. 100 on a product purchased in both of your team with a matched BV of 10 from Rs.1000 product repurchase.

There is a daily capping of Rs. 25,000 (matched BV 2500 daily).

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Matching BV (Next Basis) Cash Rewards Recognition Trips
500 5000 Bronze Director ---
1000 10,000 Ruby Director ---
2500 25,000 Sapphire Director ---
5000 50,000 Emerald Director Nepal
10,000 1,00,000 Silver Director Thailand
25,000 2,50,000 Gold Director Srilanka
50,000 5,00,000 Platinum Director Singapore/Malaysia
1,00,000 10,00,000 Diamod Director Bali
2,50,000 25,00,000 Blue Diamond Dubai
5,00,000 50,00,000 Black Diamond Hongkong
10,00,000 1,00,00,000 Royal Diamond Mauritius
25,00,000 2,50,00,000 Pearl Diamond Australia
50,00,000 5,00,00,000 Crown Director St.Petersburg (Russia)
1,00,00,000 10,00,00,000 DoubleDiamond Director Switzerland
2,50,00,000 25,00,00,000 TripleDiamond Director London

Terms & Condition

Daily closing will be done. Payout will be distributed twice monthly.

First payout will be calculated from 1st to 15th and will be released by 20th.

Second payout will be calculated from 16th to month end and will be released by 5th of the next month.

5% TDS deduction will be made from all incomes including Reward encashment.

GST will be applicable if necessary.

An individual can take a single ID in his/her name with same PAN & AADHAR details.

It is mandatory to update KYC in self ID (PAN, AADHAR & BANK DETAILS) for payment process.

Payout will be released twice monthly.

No extra courier/handling charge other than MRP will be levied upon the JOINING KIT but courier/handling charge would be levied upon PRODUCT REPURCHASE.

Registration is absolutely free and the company does not ask for any registration fee for it.

NWPL Compensation Plan is a hardcore sales & marketing of its Products & Services. It is neither any type of money-making scheme nor an overnight millionaire-making program.

Income from any plan is subject to your efforts and as per terms & conditions given on the website www.netrixwellness.com

The company may change/amend/alter/update any income or payment calculation method without any prior information. For updates please visit our website www.netrixwellness.com

All rights reserved. Subject to Mumbai jurisdiction.

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